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24 July 2011 @ 01:08 am
[Blog] I have missed lj ;^;  

Hey, guys \(^-^)
So, I took another unannounced hiatus some time after my last post for the same reason of my other hiatuses - school.
Ugh, I know, it's always my excuse, but seriously, I'm not lying when I say I'm really busy with school. Because for one thing, the exams just keep on coming, non-stop, throughout the whole school year; plus the homeworks, course works, my piano/singing/dance classes, and y'know, all of that is already too much to handle with my life and family and friends, so I didn't really have that much time to be on lj, write fics while focusing on all those things too >-<
But, well, the time's finally come, what I've been waiting for for SO LONG, we're finally out for Summer Break ;) YEAH BABEY! >8D *Celebrates* >3

So, there're 6 weeks for our summer break and I will use these 6 weeks to make a come back on lj ;) Hmm, so far I've done quite a lot actually XD I've changed my lj layout, got a few new userpics and went completely OCD on my posts; going through every single one, making sure the font sizes were all the same and ok, checking the tags and the userpics XD; It took me two days to do all that actually XD; I think it's worth it though :P And I've also just finished replying to some comments, so I think I'm all set now XD It's a good start I believe. Right? XD X3 ^-^

Some of you guys might remember that I've put my multi-chaps, Your music, and Oasis, on hold, and I've got some good news for the people who have been waiting for their further releases of chapters, because I will be happy to announce that I'm starting to write them again~ ^w^ But, the downside to this is that I will only write the chapters for now, and wait till probably the first week of September to post them up. I'm doing this because I think that this way, I can have more time to edit things and I can still change some things around when I've realized I've done something wrong on a chapter. And also, i would be able to post the chapters regularly if they're written and ready, instead of having to rush writing chapters so I can post them quickly and end up feeling bad when I've realized I didn't like my update >-< Hope you guys understand! I know I haven't updated Your Music in sooooo long, but I ask you guys to be a little bit more patient and you won't be disappointed with the coming chapters ^-^ *hugs* I'm really sorry about my unorganised fic posting! >-< I really do blame myself so I understand if you guys do to... >A< ;n;

But on the upside, I'm actually back into my writing and lj mode! :D I'm really happy 'cause I missed lj so much ;A; I missed writing too, so I'm happy that I'm feeling like I could write again~ And the feeling of not having to worry about exams and such helps a lot too XD
I've made a 'fic-planner' as well, believe it or not. XD I just reeeeally wna make sure that I don't laze about, and actually write the chapters! hahaha :P
While I write the chapters of Your Music and Oasis, I'll still be updating my journal with my blogs and such, just to let you guys know that I haven't gone on a hiatus again without telling you XD; If that happens again I SWEAR I'm gonna hate myself. >-< I'll scream and whack my head on the wall. So, I will try to be active again! PROMISE! nyahaha =^w^= ♥

So, that up there was the main update about my fics, lj, school and things, but in my other blogs I'll probably be talking more about what's going on in my life XD (Not that a lot goes on in my life anyways hahaha XD) Hmm, like how I painted my nails pink today! 83 and how I got braces like 2 weeks ago! :O XDD They're light blue~ :3 We ended school this last thursday but I didn't come in on thursday XD There was no point  |D And I don't have any summer school work! >:DDDDD But I do have to finish my art course work... But there's only like 3 more sheets left to finish anyways~ Hopefully will get them done quickly~ ^-^
I've also recently started watching Ikemen Desu ne, Hana Kimi Remake, and Koukousei Restaurant and I'm waiting for Ouran Highschool Host Club! :D I keep flailing watching them seriously. |Q______ I mean, Ikemen Desu ne has Hika, Taisuke, Yuta, Tanoshingo, and Haruna as casts. LIKE COME ON. WHO WOULDN'T LOVE THAT DRAMA?! owo and it's the jap ver of Korea's You're Beautiful, which to have you know is where some of my inspiration for Your Music came from ;) AND I LOVE THAT DRAMA! Soo yeah, I'm loving Ikemen Desu ne =w= ♥ The Hana Kimi remake is like... AHREAHIFKH i love it too ;w; ♥ I'm mostly watching for Nishii tbh X") and I guess Atsuko as well XD but I watched the first one and I just love seeing it all again with these new casts~ ^-^ Koukousei Restaurant is of course CHO LOVE ♥ I mean come on, Kamiki's in it ;) :PPPP And Umika as well and I think she's actually growing on me O-o Hahaa :P I think her acting's getting better and of course, Kamiki's acting is the best, as always;) :PPP *super biased* :PP ♥ And I reeeeally can't wait for OHSHC!!! It's taking FORVER to get the eps up ;A; but I will wait as long as I have to! XD I can't believe Chinen isn't playing Honey-senpai ;n; made me very sad >-< But Chiba isn't half bad ;) hahaaa :P ♥ He's cute too~ >w< BUT CHINEN'S CUTER. Jussayin. :P

Ok, well that's it for me now. I always end up blabbing on and on about something that most people might not even care about XD Sorry XD;; I just keep getting carried awaaaay~ Hmm, maybe I should just make vlogs so it would be more ineteresting than just reading this XD;; Hmm, will think about it but y'know, who's your lazy panda? ME! < *is lame* |D;;;

Jya, til my next blog! \(^-^)



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Louise aka Ruizu XD: Chinen Smiley faceruizu_143 on July 24th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
DAAAH I missed you~ ^w^ *panda glomp cuddles* ♥

Thank youuuu~~!! :DDD <33333
Yuhp! >8D I'm happy I'm finally on my summer break! X3
Ah, IYEY! :D I'm glad to hear that~ ^-^ I promise I'll try my best to follow my fic plan! :D ♥ Thank you for being so patient! *huggles*

Ah, I will try~ Of course there will be some hints of InooBu in Your Music, but I will try to write an InooBu centred fic too soon~ :3 Although, I will be focusing more on my multi-chaps so sorry the InooBu comes late! >-<

Thank you!! :D Happy summer to you too~ :3 ♥

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Louise aka Ruizu XD: InooBuruizu_143 on July 24th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for understand ne~ ;w; But for you, I will try to write a one-shot of InooBu while I write my multi-chaps ne~ :) ♥
Thank you ♥ It really means a lot that you're patient and saying it's worth the wait ;w;
Ouh? Ahh, I see ^-^ Well, InooBu is love ♥ hehe :3 Awww! Thank you so much! You've made me really happy :') *panda hugs tight* :3 ♥

Jya, I will try my best to keep writing then! :D ♥

Andreeandreeupandaway on July 24th, 2011 02:38 am (UTC)
welcome back to the livejournal world! hehe~ and by the way this is andreecynthia in case you're wondering~

your plan sounds nice! and good thing you went OCD on your entries! lol even I went crazy too before because some were a different font from the others, which really got annoying after a while! >.<

the recent dramas are really interesting, aren't they? :) I really like Ikemen Desu Ne the most, since this is a new character for Hikaru and it's my second time watching Tamamori's acting, and my first time watching Fujigaya's, so it's exciting! i'm also liking the girl character who plays Mio. she's such a sweetie! i'm watching the remake of Hana Kimi just for Nishii's sake...I haven't seen him play that kind of character i watched him play a sociopath in 'Confessions'

i'm also on break, though i only have exactly, EXACTLY one month left before i start school again...and i'm pretty certain i'll have to leave fandom for that *sad* i'm also going to do my best while i still can! ^-^b
Louise aka Ruizu XD: Chinen schoolruizu_143 on July 24th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
Arigatou~~~ ^w^ Ahh, ok! Thanks for telling me! I was actually wondering who it was, so I'm glad you told me! X333 ♥

Hahaaa!! Well I'm glad you think so :3 Ouh yeeeeah. It just took me so long before I was happy with everything though XD;

YES THEY ARE. :O ♥ >w< Ahh, I see~ It's my first time watching Hika's, Yuta's, and Taisuke's XDD;; And I love the girl too! I think she fits the role nicely and her acting is really good in my opinion! :D ♥
Hahahaa, me too :P Ouuuh yeah! I wanted to watch that when I first saw it! But i couldn't download it >-< Do you know if it's out on any sites? Like, without downloads? I still reeeally wanna watch it! XDD ♥

Ahh, sou ka >-< Aww, ;n; But yeahp, that's the way to go about it! :D Do your best while you still can~ And don't worry, school is just too much to handle with everything, so I understand that you have to leave ne :') ♥ Gambatte! *super panda hugs tight*

Thanks for welcoming me back ne~ ♥

Andreeandreeupandaway on July 29th, 2011 02:50 am (UTC)
gomen for randomly dropping a comment without telling you! hehe~ I hope the explanation gave enough for that!

I'm glad everything is turning out well! ^-^ it's worth it!

Oh really?! How do you like their acting by the way? I say they're doing really well! And she does fit her role well, I'm glad they picked a good female to fit that part :D you can check dramacrazy.net, they have already subbed the past 3 episodes!

I'll do my best...*sighs* I wish my break lasted a little longer...but I guess it's better for me to get an education then be able to lose myself in writing ^-^ *glomps* I'll be back very soon when I take my leave!

hehe~ ♥
(Deleted comment)
Louise aka Ruizu XD: Chinen Smiley faceruizu_143 on July 24th, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Arigatou, Rui-nee~~~~ *panda cuddles* ♥

Hahaaa XD; Thank you X"3

Tingketingke2104 on July 26th, 2011 10:33 am (UTC)
I know I commented on fb but I wanna comment and go YAYYYYY! Okaeri!
Louise aka Ruizu XD: YamaChii Oiiruizu_143 on July 26th, 2011 05:57 pm (UTC)
Aahhhh~ Arigatou, Tingke!! :DDDD ♥ Hehe~ ^w^ *tackle-panda glompls tight* nyaaah!! :3