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05 May 2011 @ 08:13 pm
[Blog] Ookiku nare~ Boku!  
Yo, minna~ \(^-^) Hmm, so it's been a long time again, right? *sigh* Jeez, Whatever I do now, I still can't be as active on lj like a want ;n; Anyways, let's not get into that again XD
So, I've mentioned before that I'll post my blogs here now. I'll just put the whole entry under an lj cut so I won't spam your f-pages~ :)

So, lessee. Well, a lot has been happening in terms of school for me recently, and actually, it was only recently that I realized that ever since the start of this academic year, our year has done nothing but exams. (¬-¬) Seriously though. If it's not exams it's preparing for them. *sigh* Oh well, nothing we can do about it.
The grades that I've had back so far for the exams i've done aren't that bad actually. I mean, I'm reeeeally proud of most of them, but my sciences and math are just (O-o)
Ok, lemme just break it down to you guys anyway, since I don't really mind sharing now XD
For my Chemistry I got an E - So yes, that's an automatic fail (¬-¬) It'll be one of the exams I'll resit in June though so hopefully I'll get a higher grade >-<
For my Biology I got a D - Again, failure, but i'm resitting it. Jeez, and to think that Biology is one of my fave classes *sigh* I'm good at projects and everything else, just not damn pointless exams.
And for my Physics I got a B - hmm, at least that looks decent. I was ONE FRIGGIN MARK off an A though... MOUUUU~~ But at least it's a pass~
and for my Math i got a C - XD I'm quite happy with this since I thought i'd fail it and i was actually just aiming for a C. XD Math is my worst subject so :P Hmm, i wanted to resit this to get a B but i won't anymore. The second exam is coming up this June and I'd wna focus on that to get at least a B :) I'll be happy with that! XD
For my English we've done four exams so far and only the latest exam we did is the one we haven't had our results back from yet. All my other three results though are A*s :D (A* is equivalent to A+. It's just our term here XD) so three A*s in a row BABEY! >P
For Welsh I've got three A*s in a row too~
And also for French, we've done 2 exams so far and on both of them I got A*s :DDD
So, if you can tell from my results, my strongest points are languages XD

I'm not even gna start with how many exams we've had so far. There have been so many that i can't even count now! (>-<) But I know in June I've got six exams plus my two resits for chem and bio and to top it all off I've also got a piano exam. So, a total of NINE EXAMS all together? (>______________________<) OMG. *tries to breathe*

But, I've just got to try my best. And I will. I will try to think positively about this and try not to cry while revising! XDDDDD

So, about my fic writing~ I'm currently writing one right now. It's another YamaChii *whacked* I'm sorreeee~ I'm just so biased you see~ :P But I will write a different pairing soon, I promise~ I started writing this fic last week I think? but it's one of those "# times Yamada and Chinen _______" and I'm kind of stuck on the last one XD Although for every part, I wrote looooooadsss so you can probably read them as one-shots/drabbles XDDD ah~ahh, i'm so crazy |D
Anyways~ I will try to finish that up soon and post it too~ :D

I've been trying to be active with my singing too lately so I've uploaded a couple of new covers~ :D If you want, just check them out on my youtube@ruizuJEaddict :) the majority are Japanese covers of course :P

I gots Skype now too! XD If you wanna add me my username is mangoicekreme :D

So, that's it for now~ hehe that was quite long actually XD
Byeeeeee~ \(^-^)
niña: yamachiinikuta on May 6th, 2011 11:00 am (UTC)
uwaaaaaa ruru~~~~i miss you!!!!...
so this account will be your blog too...how about the other one???

ohh you are having a hard time in school...uwaaaaa~~` ganbatte ne!!!!...
we're on the same flight when it comes to gardes and exams~~~and all we can do is to try our best .... and study hard!!!

kyaaaaa~~~ faito!!!!...i know you can do it....more power girl..and more yamachii love
Louise aka Ruizu XDruizu_143 on May 16th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
i miss you too ninin!! :DDD hehehe ♥
yus~ ouh uhm, that one is dead XDDD i kinda explained about what happened to it in my blog before this but yeah, basically it's dead na so i'm posting everything here na XDDD

yeas :( i will! thank youuu! you too! :DDD &huggles* =^O^= ♥
yes yeessss gambarimashou!! :DDD

thank you ateee!! ♥ :') ikaw rin!!! you can do it!! :DDD haha YUS OF COURSE!! YAMACHII LOVEEEEE <33333

niñanikuta on May 17th, 2011 03:49 am (UTC)

ahh..this will be your new blog..together with your FF...

you're welcome~`..hugs~~\(^w^)/..
Faito!! ^.~

ohhh you're welcome..you can always rely on me...unh,,i'll do my best too!!...LOL...rabu-rabu!!