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02 May 2011 @ 11:48 pm
[Fanfic] Cheese and Sprinkles  
Title: Cheese and Sprinkles (< has nothing to do with the fic XD)
Type: Drabble(? my word count is messed up atm XD)
Author: Me ^~^
Fandom: Hey!Say!JUMP
Pairing(s): only hints? Since it's mostly friendship :) JUMPxOC - HaruTaro (Ryuusei Haru & Morimoto Ryutaro), HaruChii (Ryuusei Haru & Chinen Yuri), IzuChii (Chinen Yuri & Umeno Ruizu), IzuYama (Yamada Ryosuke & Umeno Ruizu), YamaChii (Yamada Ryosuke & Chinen Yuri)

Genre(s): crack, randomness
, mention of smut, friendship
Rating: NC-17 (for mentions of smuttiness XD)
Disclaimer: own nothing but the random plot~ XD and Umeno Ruizu :)
Summary: When 5 friends chat online on one cold Friday night... Yeah, they talk about some strange things alright.
1 - CHAT!FIC There is seriously no plot to this. I have no idea what came over me, but i just really wanted to write a chat fic and this is the outcome XD *sigh* well, it's either you'll love it or hate so... :) Only read if you want to! There is quite a lot of OCness here but also as much just JUMP :)
2 - dedicated to Ai-chan (harukadream) because you're so awesome~~ :D
3 - OCs are 1 female, Ruizu, and one male, Haru
4 - Umeno Ruizu (ruizu_143), Ryuusei Haru (harukadream), Chinen Yuri, Morimoto Ryutaro, Yamada Ryosuke
Warnings: randomness i swear. omg. hmm, Bratty!Chinen? XD idk, and some more unexpected things XD

Cheese and Sprinkles

Friday night, and it was colder than usual. Ruizu looked outside her bedroom window to see nothing but utter darkness. It was only around nine in the evening though, and it was suppose to be spring.
She sighed. She looked once towards her door which was slightly open, after hearing a weird noise. She shrugged it off and put her attention back on her laptop.
“Stop scaring yourself. Just ‘cause no one else is home, you get scared of anything that happens. Jeez, Izu,” she told herself, before wrapping the soft duvet around her body tighter.
She was browsing aimlessly around the net for quite some time, then she finally decided to go online on chat.
She frowned seeing no one else was on, but she waited. It took a while but her eyes gleamed once she saw a notice box pop-up.

YozoraStarlight is now online

hiiiiii~ :DDDD

YozoraStarlight: hi~ ^^

mangoicecream: how’re you?

YozoraStarlight: I’m ok... Just a bit sad

mangoicecream: >O why?! How come??

YozoraStarlight: ‘Cause well...

imasexynerd is now online

mangoicecream: Ouh! Chineeen~ :D

imasexynerd: Yo!

imasexynerd: Haru :)

YozoraStarlight: Yuri :)

mangoicecream: *goosebumps* i’m still not used to you guys calling each other by your first names XD

imasexynerd: but I call you Izu?

YozoraStarlight: and I call you Rui-chan?

mangoicecream: yeah... but still... idk XD

YozoraStarlight: Plus, Yuri fits him better ‘cause he’s a girl :)

imasexynerd: ...you’re hitting on me again aren’t you? ;)

YozoraStarlight: You’ve already fallen for me actually

imasexynerd: Oh? So i’m yours now?

mangoicecream: uhh... guys...?

YozoraStarlight: Yes. You’re my sexy little Yuri :)

imasexynerd: ...It was all ok until you said “little” >.>

YozoraStarlight: What do you want me to say? Sexy big Yuri?

imasexynerd: but i am big ;)

YozoraStarlight: Please. Three inches? O.o

imasexynerd: Psshh. Saying all that when you know you’d love to get your hands on me ;)

mangoicecream: GUYS! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN I’M HERE??! I suddenly feel not so innocent anymore ;A;

YozoraStarlight: noooo! I’m sorry :P

imasexynerd: Yeah, Haru got carried away you see. He just can’t help it when he’s talking to me :P

mangoicecream: Chinen, please stop.

imasexynerd: Why’re you getting angry?

mangoicecream: I’m not! It’s just ‘cause me and Haru-chan were talking about something important before you signed on >-<

imasexynerd: Oh... What was it about?

mangoicecream: Well... he said he was sad...

imasexynerd: ohhhh hmm, lemme guess, this has something to do with Ryu-chan?

YozoraStarlight: You know?

imasexynerd: about how he was suppose to sleep over your house tonight but he couldn’t ‘cause his mom wouldn’t let him go? XD Yes

YozoraStarlight: :O how did you..?!

mangoicecream: whaaaaaaaaaaat so that’s what happened >-<

Morinomnomtaro is now online

imasexynerd: Speaking of the hamster...

YozoraStarlight: He’s my cute hamster :3

YozoraStarlight: Ryu-chaaaaan~!!

Morinomnomtaro: Haru-chaaaan!

Morinomnomtaro: and what? that’s all i am to you? :(

YozoraStarlight: You’re my cute hamsterbeast? :D

imasexynerd: what, ‘cause he’s a beast in bed?

YozoraStarlight: Yes

Morinomnomtaro: Yes

imasexynerd: :O ...i was actually joking... XD

YozoraStarlight: *shrugs* He is

Morinomnomtaro: I am >3 RAWR

YozoraStarlight: Save it for the bed bb <3

imasexynerd: ...ew?

mangoicecream: think about how i feel, Chinen ;A;

Morinomnomtaro: Rui-chan?! You were here??

mangoicecream: Wow... Thanks, Ryu

Morinomnomtaro: But i really didn’t see! I’m sorry ><

mangoicecream: *sigh* it’s ok... :)

imasexynerd: I think we should stop ignoring Izu now...

imasexynerd: Not that it was intended!

mangoicecream: haha dw~ it’s fine :) it’s just the... NC-17ness... y’know? XD

YozoraStarlight: Don’t we need Yamada or something? xD

purplestrawberry is now online

mangoicecream: why?? >///////////<

YozoraStarlight: Omg, he actually went online...! xD That’s kinda cool xD

Morinomnomtaro: :O Magic???

imasexynerd: No, I texted him XD

Morinomnomtaro: You texted him to go online?

YozoraStarlight: Why? xD

imasexynerd: ‘cause it was getting interesting and I thought you guys wanted him to go online anyways? :S

purplestrawberry: What’re you guys on about?

YozoraStarlight: Oh, nothing. dw :)

YozoraStarlight: Rui-chan~ Yamada’s online now hehe ^^

mangoicecream: *sigh* what are you trying to do...?

mangoicecream: hi, Yamada :)

Morinomnomtaro: whoop! whoop! ;)

purplestrawberry: hey Izu :)

mangoicecream: Ryu... ¬-¬

Morinomnomtaro: whats? :P

imasexynerd: guys... just stop teasing them

YozoraStarlight: Oooh, Mr. Three Inches is getting jealous :P

purplestrawberry: What the...

mangoicecream: *face palms*

imasexynerd: HARU! YOU...!

imasexynerd: I’m not jealous

Morinomnomtaro: typing like you are though ;)

imasexynerd: shut up.

imasexynerd: If HaruTaro won’t stop annoying me i’ll leave

mangoicecream: No, Chinen! Don’t leave...

YozoraStarlight: Aww, Rui-chan doesn’t want you to leave, though, Chinen :P

mangoicecream: ¬-¬ But if you do continue to tease i’ll leave

purplestrawberry: Uhh, Chinen? Why did you text me to go online? Everyone’s gna leave...

YozoraStarlight: Ok, ok! We’ll stop

Morinomnomtaro: Chinen you’re so high tempered... tut tut

Morinomnomtaro: btw, what’s this about Mr. Three Inches? Who’re you on about Haru-chan?

imasexynerd: HA! Karma, Haru :P

YozoraStarlight: Oh sna--

imasexynerd: Haru’s saying my dick is three inches long

purplestrawberry: wha...

mangoicecream: *BEEP* at least type in *BEEP*! Jeez, Chinen!

Morinomnomtaro: ...Eh? Why?

YozoraStarlight: Ryu-chan, it’s not what you think...!

Morinomnomtaro: Is it...?

imasexynerd: what?

Morinomnomtaro: Is what you said true?

imasexynerd: about my di--

mangoicecream is typing...

imasexynerd: I mean my *BEEP*?

Morinomnomtaro: Uhh... Yeah... Is it really 3 inches?

imasexynerd: I’m not telling you...! Jeez...

purplestrawberry: It is

mangoicecream: What?

imasexynerd: What?

YozoraStarlight: What?

Morinomnomtaro: What?

purplestrawberry: Chinen’s dick is 3 inches.

mangoicecream: ...O-o

Morinomnomtaro: Whaaa~ts?

YozoraStarlight: ...Wow

imasexynerd: YAMADA!

purplestrawberry: What?

YozoraStarlight: How did you know?

purplestrawberry: uhm...?

imasexynerd: Yamada, don’t you dare...

Morinomnomtaro: You guys’ve had sex before?

mangoicecream: *face palm*

imasexynerd: >/////////////////////////////////////////<

YozoraStarlight: Ryu-chaaaan~ Why so blunt x’D

purplestrawberry: Urr... let’s just say I tripped into the bathtub while Chinen was in there?

mangoicecream: ouh gohd...

purplestrawberry: still felt good though. It fit rather cutely in my mouth :3

mangoicecream: what the... /hides

imasexynerd: I’m the one who’s suppose to be hiding!!

Morinomnomtaro: Wow... X’D

YozoraStarlight: so when did this happen?

purplestrawberry: uhh, quite a while ago now. 2 years back?

Morinomnomtaro: Ohhhh aww :’)

YozoraStarlight: I’m sure Yuri was the uke ;)

mangoicecream: idk what to do here anymore ;A; you guys are killing me

YozoraStarlight: What? You’re imagining uke!Chinen getting done hard by Yamada?

mangoicecream: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke *dies*

imasexynerd: well... well! What about you huh, Haru?? I bet you’re the uke!!

YozoraStarlight: Hmm... no. We swap roles sometimes ;)

Morinomnomtaro: Yes, ‘cause I’M A BEAST! >D

YozoraStarlight: Yes, bb, you are <3

mangoicecream: uhh... can we please... please change the subject now? ;A;

imasexynerd: yeah. i think we should...

purplestrawberry: hey guys, have you watched Shounen maid kuro-kun?

Morinomnomtaro: :O I was suppose to watch that with Haru-chan tonight! But i couldn’t sleep over ><

imasexynerd: what is it?

purplestrawberry: hmm, it says here it’s a yaoi

mangoicecream: ouh gohd...

purplestrawberry: you’ve seen it?

mangoicecream: ...*nods*

purplestrawberry: is it good?

mangoicecream: well...

YozoraStarlight: WAIT! I have an idea. Are you all free tonight?

purplestrawberry: yeah, i guess

me too, why?

YozoraStarlight: Ryu-chan, you’re mom said you can’t go over my house tonight but... can we come over yours? :3

Morinomnomtaro: :O that’s an awesome idea!! I’m sure she’ll be fine with it! :D

imasexynerd: cool. So we’re going to your place now?

Morinomnomtaro: Yeah! And we can all watch Shounen Maid Kuro-kun together!

purplestrawberry: ok, be there in 15 :)

purplestrawberry: bye, Izu! <3

purplestrawberry has signed out

mangoicecream: Wait, what?! You’re gonna watch it??

YozoraStarlight: haha looks like it :P bye Rui-chaaan

YozoraStarlight: See you later Ryubb~

YozoraStarlight has signed out

mangoicecream: but, wait! isn’t Shintaro there??!

imasexynerd: Urgh, Ryu! I can’t be bothered to pack some clothes! Can I just borrow your pjs or something?

Morinomnomtaro: sure~ and yeah he’s here, why?

imasexynerd: thanks! See you there! Bye Izu~ <3

imasexynerd has signed out

mangoicecream: then i can’t let you watch that yaoi when he’s there!! I’m coming over now!

Morinomnomtaro: Whats? He was the one who told me and Haru-chan to watch it though...

Morinomnomtaro: bye Rui-chan~

Morinomnomtaro has signed out

mangoicecream: ...What?

Drabble End

HAHAHAA :P Well, so... yeah XD Whoever read this, hope you liked it anyway, and thanks for readiiing~~! :DDDDD <3333

Character List~

Umeno Ruizu (ruizu_143) as mangoicecream
Ryuusei Haru (harukadream) as YozoraStarlight
Chinen Yuri as imasexynerd
Morimoto Ryutaro as Morinomnomtaro
Yamada Ryosuke as purplestrawberry
chii_mao_13chii_mao_13 on May 6th, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
hisashiburi, rui-chan!! XD

gyahahahahahaha!!! XDDD write more about that scene! *whacked* XD
*rabbit hugs for you* X3333
Louise aka Ruizu XDruizu_143 on May 16th, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC)
i knoooooow!! i'm sorry ;__________;

LOOOL!!! maybe i will! XDDD i might write a sequel or something! XDDD :D *un-whacks you*! :PPP *hugssss* ♥

IYEY! i love your rabbit hugsss :DDD